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Thursday, October 27, 2011

United Styles 7 World Bboy Cup 2011 trailer Dec 17th and 18th

An Interview with John Re-Surch McGhee

John Re-Surch McGhee
  • If you take hip hip out of the equation what type of music would you be playing, if playing music at all?
    I would be playing piano music. Music like The Fray where the piano is the main focus. I love the instrument. I mess around with it now, but very soon I'm going to take lessons and become an actual pianist.

    Where were you born and where are you from?
    I was born and raised in Boston Massachusetts, Dorchester. The 617 kid, but I was in M.E.T.C.O., so I went to school in the Burbs, Lynnfield. Everyday back and fourth.

    Favorite group/artist/mc/dj/producer?
    My favorite group of all time is The Wu Tang Clan. I'm mean they had something music couldn't deny. Then Rage against the machine. There music is so inspiring. "Fuck the G ride I want the machines that are making them. I like Odd Future and Tyler the Creator, that's one funny dude. My favorite 4 Emcee's are Eminem, Nas, Rza, and Tupac. Em is just insane I mean did you hear him on the 2011 BET Cypher. What the fuck!!! Nas was my number 1 before Em came along. I was hook off it was written. I didn't even know about Illmatic and then I heard that shit years later. Like this dude totally change the game at that time. Rza is just this really creative dude. He's responsible for my rap career. After listening to him I started writing and freestyling a lot to become a true Emcee. A title which I have gladly earned. And Tupac is a legend. His raw passion is what hooked me. He didn't hold anything back. He spoke his mind even though it meant jail or death.

    What do you think about the occupy wall st movement? Would you perform at or support the cause?
    I think that it's fucked up that 1% of the population control the wealth, but I never really watch the news because it's always fucked up. There's never anything positive on there. My cause is education. Every school should be a Milton Academy, a Harvard, with top educational standards. It's fucked up that some towns get great school systems and other get crap. That's a set up because kids and teens follow. They don't know any better. There still developing.

    How long have you been recording music?
    I've been recording for 10 years. I still remember how terrible my first recording was. I have destroyed that CD, but I wish I still had it now just to show the development. I also have my degree in Audio Engineering, so I know my way around a studio.

    Whats your next project?
    "Raised In The Ghetto Went To School In The Burbs" were in the mixing phase now. I really want to experiment with effects and studio magic, so I separated it from the recording process. It's suppose to be an album, but It might become a mixtape because I want to give it out for free. Plus I've recorded so many tracks. I might have to make both.

    Please explain what"ACK" is.
    ACK stands for Alcoholic College Kidz and it's the name of my first album. I started the movement when I was in college. I was making my first album figuring what I wanted to talk about and that's what I was living at the time. My motto has always been "I may not be a gangsta, but I'm from around the way." So It was important to me that I made something different. I am the Father of College Rap. I was the first, I don't care what anyone says. I know and my fans know I was first!

    How many shows have you performed to date?
    Geez who knows. That's a good question. I stopped counting years ago. Lots and lots.

    Do you have any advice to someone who has never performed live?
    Yea, practice. Practice until you know your shit so well that you could be black out drunk and still know your music. Think of your stage show as that, a show not as sound, but as visual. Your fans already know your music, they came to SEE, SEE, SEE a show. Did I stress that they came to SEE a show?

    Who is your dj and close crew?
    My DJ is DJ Liberty. I grew up with him. That's my homey. We were captains of the football team in high school. But I roll with a lot of people, EMS, Order 66, One 3 Music, mad people.

    Whats your favorite song? Favorite one you have ever recorded, and why is it your favorite.
    My favorite song I have ever recorded is "This Time", I sampled The Offspring's song "Self Esteem" which is one of my all time favorites. It took two years to find a producer that could chop that up right. Producer after producer, and my college buddy Beatdown was the one who did it. He even said it was a challenge. And I wrote 3 different versions before I found the actual lyrics that belonged to the song. It was after my boy Dante committed suicide, so I dedicated the song to him because he was a really good dude. I'm still morning his loss.

    Where can we find you online and when is your next live show?
    You can find me at and My next show is Saturday November 19, 2011 in Quincy MA.

    Boston emcee Re-Surch has teamed up with, One3 Music, and Str8 Up Ent. to present his latest mixtape, Alcoholic College Kidz, the Collective Vol. 1. Download here: Forgoing the current hip hop stereotypes, Re-Surch has crafted a compilation for hip hop fans who just...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Reminder'' Halloween Party P.A.C.C. Clashious Clay

It's going to be the most fun you could have with your clothes on.The Dj will be taking requests after 11pm before that, I'm told we can "keep that shit to ourselves". Portuguese American Civic Club 175 School St Taunton, Ma. Now that you have the address, who's spinning the mess? Dj Clashious Clay, funky fresh in the flesh. Please bring original costumes on Friday night folks because last year three dudes dressed like K.C. from the Sunshine Band and none of them got in. Play it wise when planning your disguise. There will be raffles and all of the proceeds are going to a local charity for a great cause. So dress up, come out, have fun and get home safe.

Re-Surch - Hustle Hard Re-Mix

DJ Premier presents: "Think Twice" Ft. Big Shug, Avirex, Singapore Kane,...

Jugular Vein - Mr. Lif

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Akai MPC Comparison Chart

I thought this would be a helpful tool to have on the site. I hope it helps all up and coming producers to choose the right equipment.


Mr Lif - Collapse the Walls

Friday, October 7, 2011

Coke La Rock: Hip Hop's First MC

Dj Kool Herc

Dividends - Singapore Kane

Documentary - Hip Hop Legends

Remember The Pioneers.

I watched a documentary on Hip Hop this morning and wanted to share one of the coolest old school album cover's I have ever seen. We love our history, our music and our culture. Peace Love and Hip Hop.


Holy Cheap Vocal Booth Clashious!!

This man is a mad scientist. Who would have thought to use an old storage bin and about 30 egg crates to create the worlds cheapest and probably only "vocal dome". The Situation Room has many things in its arsenal, but money is not on the list. "Call it what you will", say's Clashious but it works. I keeps outside sound out and quality sound in. It's been called many things, but pretty is not one of them.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Stoned Show Presents "Tigra"

Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance The Cat: Claws of the Cat #1 (November, 1972)
Tigra: Giant-Size Creatures #1 (July, 1974)
Created by The Cat: Linda Fite, Roy Thomas (co-writers), Marie Severin (artist)
Tigra: Tony Isabella, Don Perlin
In-story information
Alter ego Greer Grant Nelson
Species Cat Person (magically transformed from human)
Team affiliations Avengers Resistance
The Battalion
The Initiative
West Coast Avengers
Lady Liberators
Avengers Academy
New Warriors
Notable aliases The Cat, Greer Sorenson, The Werecat, Werewoman
Abilities Superhuman strength, speed, senses and agility
Retractable claws
Limited mystical abilities

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Before Serato and MPC's

Music On Other Planets??

I'm 100% convinced that we are not alone in this universe and anyone who would care to disagree, I am listening... We at The Stoned Show would love to hear what music is like on other planets. Different sounds and rhythms. Different instruments. Being a nerd about this sort of thing comes naturally to us. We had nothing to blog about today. One of our reporters happened to come across this picture. Shocking when you think about it. Its almost unbelievable. O.Freeman

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Alert The Freshest Cut Record Ever Vol.5 is in the works!!!

For all Dj's to enjoy, The Freshest Cut Record Ever Vol.5 is going to be loaded with all brand new cuts and drops from Boston Massachusetts most notable artists . I know from the previous albums The Freshest Cut Record Ever series has been very unique in it's selections of samples, stabs, breaks and cuts. The first 4 albums of T.F.C.R.E. series have been centered around the world famous Order66 Dj Crew, which has recently hit splits-ville. This album will be Dj Clashious Clay's first solo cut record release. The Clash of the Titan album was one of the most creative record's released in 2011 so far. I am sure T.F.C.R.E.5 will be nothing short of off the hook. It will rank, I'm sure with the likes of DJ Qbert Super Seal Skratchy Seal or Dj Rectangle The Ultimate Battle Weapon series. Looking forward to the exclusive release right here on The Stoned Show. We will provide a direct link and an exclusive interview with Dj Clashious Clay.