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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Order66 presents Cartoon Kutz

The Order has done it again. Dj's Earlnino, Night&Day and Clashious Clay have come up with another quality tool for the turntable trade. Free to download and share with everyone. True believers, this is not a full album. It is a portion of their upcoming release, The Freshest Cut Record Ever 2. Stay tuned believers, we will keep our readers in the know with the latest in hip hop accouterments.
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HomeTeam Productions!!!

If you didn't know, now you know. Super producers Mal Moe and Dj Clashious Clay make up the yin yang awesome twosome better known as 'Home Team'. This dynamic duo have kicked a hole in the door of the Boston music scene, and left a colossal sized foot print on the poor sap standing behind it. True hip hop believers, trust me when i say these two cats have been a part of the boston music scene for over two decades. Though the years working with such names as Akrobatik, Mr. Lif, Singapore Kane, Big Shug, Dj Premier and Ed O.G. Making music for the love of making music. Coast to coast this pair of prolific producers have been on stage with the greatest performers ever to lay hands on an SM58. Nuff' respect to Home Team for putting in all kinds of work behind the scenes and on the big stage.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Dj Clashious Clay presents Kaiju Intro Music

Kaiju Intro Music

Hot Fire Alert!!

"To never know Straight Cash is to never know me", says lead rapper Keno in one of his opening verses. True believers, your humble corespondent has people that know people and he has acquired a V.I.P. pass to spread the news about Straight Cash. They just wrapped up a week long tour in Wakefield Mass after dropping their freshmen release, Long Time Comin'.
The Stoned Show gives the release of their album a big thumbs up. We had spoken with Dj Clashious Clay with regards to this project. Although he was not a featured artist on this project, he played a role behind the scenes in getting this album off of the ground. I believe a major portion of this project was recorded at The Wax Museum. A classic album that has a loyal following. They came in droves. The last venue they had booked was filled to capacity, and they promoted the tour via word of mouth only. No radio or television spots to help promote. That's the mark of a quality album. Straight Cash presents Long Time Comin'.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Stoned Show's Album Review of 'Clash of the Titan

After listening to the album again and again, over and over, in this reporters honest summation on the latest of Dj Clashious Clays projects... I thought the album could be judged in two way's. From an artist and from a fan. From the fans perspective, i gave Clash if the Titan a 6 out of 10, not for originality because the album is definitely original. I gave it a 6 for not being polished. Its true, all of the albums I choose to purchase today are polished to perfection. They have been run through compressors, possessors and effects modules so many times, hell' anyone can sell it. On Clash of the Titan, over half of the tracks are done in one take. I mean when he hits record whatever happens on that track in that time period is however fresh or wack' is going to be on the album. I don't know if Clashious Clay is aware of the concept of tracks and layering and fine tuning a song until it sounds like every other song out there on the radio. Who does he think he is? One take per song? Its like being in the studio with him for an exclusive jam session. Wait a Stoned Show minute! That must have been his plan all along. To give the average listener something else to choose from. On one hand professionally engineered tracks that took thousands of dollars to produce and on the other a brand of freshly baked goodness and the best part is that the Clash of the Titan album is completely free.
Cudo's Dj Clashious Clay for giving this reporter insight and a new perspective on the creativity that goes into making music and creating a sound no matter how harsh the criticism.
The second way in which to judge this album is as an artist. Hold tight true hip hop believers. I have listened to music ever since i could hear. In all of my years have never heard a dj mix audio books in any tracks. Especially a book like The Art of War. Yes and yes again this album has grown on this reporter. The tracks where Mal Moe and Clashious Clay team up and form Home Team, were fresh as hell! Props to ReSurch on the track "Fake Records". That track and that m.c. together was smash-to-piece theater! The artist in me gives this breath of fresh air an 8 out of 10. True believers, I am pleased with my review, and i hope you the fans will give it an open ear. You won't be disappointed.
I recommend this piece of listening pleasure to all of my true believers who quest for something different.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dusto Bunny!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to announce to the hip hop true believers that Kaiju Big Battel will be in Philadelphia this coming weekend. That's good news for the fans but bad for the city streets. This reporter knows how dangerous it is covering a Kaiju Big Battel event. The last time that happened a building fell on my Dictaphone. "Side note, I never thought i would ever say that. " Folks, this will be a monumental occasion. Lucky for the fans of Kaiju Big Battle, we got the inside scoop and we know beyond the shadow of a doubt, Dusto Bunny will be in attendance. A member of the Hero faction of Kaiju, as you are aware there are but four slices that make up that colossal confectionery concoction. Rouges, Team Space Bug, and Dr. Cube's Posse make up the remainder of that relentless recipe of ruin.
You can count on us to bring to you the event and cover it with complete detail. We will also have an exclusive interview with Dusto Bunny's trainer.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Long Live The Kane: Welcome To Singapore Vol 3.

Its going to be a warm winter true hip hop believers. Singapore Kane has truly outdone himself on his latest work Welcome To Singapore Vol 3. My grandmother always told me "don't front on fresh" , and I'm here to say Nana, "I ain't fronti'n!" Not only is Singapore Kane an absolute beast in the vocal booth, he is the General to the Militant Movement to which Dj Clashious Clay is a proud member of the movement and the movement is strong. Respect the fact Singapore Kane has a rhyme style that is totally original he is a genuine poet and his art has reached millions of hip hop believers and the feedback has been outstanding. This seasoned veteran of foreign and domestic hip hop affairs has literally torn a hole in the fabric of ordinary.
I have had the pleasure of working with Singapore Kane on a number of projects and I can say with 100 percent certainty, this man is a man of his word and his word is bond. No b.s. filler tracks or filler lyrics for that matter, every verse is accounted for and stood behind. A Boston living legend in touch with today's believers this poetic pugilist has delivered a hit after hit on this record straight to the mid section making those within audio range to throw up their hands in approval of Welcome To Singapore Vol 3.

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Order66 - The Freshest Cut Record Ever

Every great Dj needs an infallible record. An indestructible piece of vinyl that has the ability to demolish other dj's at the drop of a needle . Order66 presents The Freshest Cut Record Ever. Dj's Night&Day, EarlNino and Clashious Clay have put together a masterpiece with hidden treasures and untold powers. It has all the bells and whistles of conventional break records as well as their own personal tools of the trade. Digitally mastered then brought back to the studio to have the digitally remastered, just to say they have been remastered. This trigger happy trio really has their finger on the pulse in the cutting and scratching world of wax handlers.
Download and share this piece or keep it for yourself. A treat for all Dj's to share in and challenge their disc jock cohorts in a spirited game of who's the freshest Dj on planet earth. The Freshest Cut Record Ever has that certain quality of cut selection that Dj's who roll in the finest of circles ask for in their cut records of choice. Custom made and tailored to the Order's specifications, this record has what all other records in this genre lack. Freshness ..
Download it for free and feedback your views.

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Dj Clashious Clay presents SunTzu.WMV

Monday, January 24, 2011

The anticipated direct link to download the album Clash of the Titan

The First Clash of the Titan video release....

Dj Clashious Clay presents Sun Tzu.
A bootleg video release but a video release with in hours of pressing the album. Fans are sending emails by the jump drive, and we will comment on as many as we possibly can. Hold on tight, its going to be a bumpy ride. Clash of the Titan has been downloaded at speeds that would make a limewire server crash. Lmfao. A sneak peek into the brain of Dj Clashious Clay, the first single entitled Sun Tzu. ,, Folks , i cant speak for the rest of you, but this b-boy is sold. If the rest of the album is anything like this gem, its going to set standards for the way freestyle music is being created.
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Clash of the Titan

The Long awaited, over anticipated, under estimated, often imitated, never duplicated and under appreciated album is finally complete. This 13 track block buster can be summed up in 4 words, that's the reason why those 4 words were chosen as the title " Clash of the Titan". Yes Clash of the Titan, a soon to be house hold name. Dj Clashious Clay really put his best foot (" on the first take for each track because that's the way the Order66 gets it done ") forward on this album. Four Stars raves Loose Leaf Entertainment editor Organ Freeman - " I haven't stopped playing this record".
We here at The Stoned Show haven't been given a signed copy of the album therefore refuse to play in on our site, but were not heartless. See for yourself check the link below and see if this isnt the best one time take freestyle album you have ever set your dial to. Appearances be Sincere, Rae Trilogy, ReSurch, Home Team, Mal Moe, Straight Cash, M-Dot and E.M.S, The Breaks, Dj Night&Day and Dj Earl Nino . Please check out Dj Clashious Clay's "Clash of the Titan" online now.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

On The Daily

I do strongly believe that if you truly want or desire something, you have to stay on the job until its yours. I am sure enough guilty of resting more than i should, but saying it out loud helps me get the job in motion, because that's the hard part. Depression is a ball breaker and its a real condition. Respect, overcome and be open to suggestion.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Night Club Managers

Nothing is more frustrating than nightclub managers who think their club is worth more than it is, especially when you are booked for an event and they treat you like they are doing you a favor. Suddenly all seating is reserved for V.I.P. and people who are buying bottles of overpriced champagne and other booze. I cant stand that type of shit. Let the people who paid to get in have a seat and enjoy the show, not stand around being harassed by the waitstaff to buy more drinks and then mean mug them when they refuse or ask to sit down.