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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Alert!! OneLife

Raised on Rakim

Shout out to Steven Rockwell for his dedication to keeping music free

Monday, February 21, 2011

Just Ice Confirmed !!

Saturday, March 19, 2011 at 9:00pm
The Stone Church On Zion Hill, Newmarket, NH

Defenderprize promotions presents a night for any HIP HOP fan to remember.
Live at the stone church in newmarket...the legendary Rapper JUST ICE...
apearing in new Hampshire for one night only...this event will sell out...
for those who dont know JUST ICE please google the man ..He is been an ICONIC figure in HIP HOP since the beginning of the art itself....also performing will be....DEFROCK and Dj MILES MAKER...APE and UNDU...ONE LIFE...DUBIOUS and CANAAN....HUMAN SPEAKERS ...REDEYEZ....and on the wheels of steel....ORDER 66...Dj EARLNINO,Dj CLASHIOUS CLAY and DJ NIGHT&DAY...
dont miss the Jumpoff for this will be an event for the nh HIP HOP history books...ATTACK OF THE KILLER CLASSICS....part will be available at the door or @ the stone church website....10 $ online or 12 $ @ the door....dont miss this event....come and see how it is supposed to be done...

Alert!! M-Dot & Dj Jean Maron European Tour

Good luck on tour gentlemen.

Folks, this is the homie Cam aka OneLife.

Friday, February 18, 2011

A Session with Def Rock and Odrer66

True hip hop believers, I have had the distinct pleasure of being a fly on the wall when hip hop happened. The day began with me at home on my hip hop scanner when the grape vine produced a impromptu meeting with Clashious Clay and Def Rock. I got word they were having a session at the Situation Room ( Clay's Studio in Lowell Ma). Shortly after Night&Day arrived and the three began to put in work. A wise man once said " there's no school like the old school" and friends, i could not agree more. I think we can all vibe on the fact the freestyle rap is an art form.
Some artist's are good at free styling and others just plain suck at it. We here at The Stoned Show have seen all kinds of free styling. The kind created to intimidate an opponent, when the rapper gets way too close and purposely getting flecks of spit on you. The kind where the rapper " Bogart's" the mic during sessions where 16 bars is the pass point and they haven't come up with something worth listening too, so they ramble on for 30 to 40 bars of complete garbage. The kind when the rapper is a good writer but the freestyle department is weak and they end up filling their bars with the same phrase over and over like "on the mic" or "I'm coming thru like" and "so you know what it is". Who could forget the rapper who when ever the mic comes around the talk about "fuckin bitches" and "how big it is" in a room full of dudes. Last of all the freestyle that's not really a freestyle. I can say from a well versed standing point that Def Rock is in a separate category all together. Its real metaphors, similes and rhymes if heard by the freshest rapper they might utter the words "I wish I had said that". Pure Def! Def Rock that is. It helps if you had your hip hop start in the early 80's killing freestyle's at block parties and and sponsored events. The EMC3 Crew was the premier rap group throughout the 1980's. Seen in this photo from left to right, M.C. Def Rock, M.C. Frost B, Beat-box Cool Will and on the lower left and right M.C. Steve Nyce and Dj Jerry Jay. Growing up in Mill City had its ups and downs and The EMC3 Crew made life in the Ill Mill worth living. Still performing and and still representing Mass to the fullest Def Rock is the CEO if Defenderprize Promotions. Bringing in national acts to Massachusetts for all of our hip hop believers to to enjoy. Look for Def Rock performing with his son Dj Miles at the next Defenderprize promotion Attack of the Killer Classics featuring Just Ice next month in New Hampshire. Details coming soon.

Re-Surch - Alcoholic College Kidz

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Live Show??

Let me get something off my chest true hip hop believers, the worst thing in my opinion about live shows is that they are pretty much all the same. I ask anyone whats the difference in going to a show in Vegas or L.A. is ???? They give you more of a show. Instead of just an M.C. at a rap event, there's an M.C., a Dj, some Breakers and someone selling graffiti art. Its the carnival of show's rather than the side show. By the way, I am not putting any promoters down because 7 out of 10 times, its not their fault. In the east coast weather accounts for a lot of empty seats in the house as well. The artist in charge of their own set has to take on the task of making it worth the peeps time who have come out to see a live event. So when i see cats going above and beyond in their performance, it makes me feel like i have spent my money wisely. It has always been me belief that your performance is your business card. What better way to present your product or brand than with a live performance. Give the folks something extra, not just a form of hip hop karaoke. I spoke with a good friend of The Stoned Show, M.C./Dj Def Rock. We had a brief discussion about this very topic. Keep in mind the folks out there who don't know who Def Rock is. He is a legitimate pioneer of Massachusetts. Founder of the EMC3 Crew back on the early 80's and not to mention a pioneer of Mass Graffiti as well. This cat has a hip hop history that spans over 25 years doing live shows. So when he gives us his opinion its greeted with open ears. We both agree that live shows have to be your all or not worth doing, a sentiment shared by the majority of show goers near and far. Another friend of the show Dj EarlNino had invited The Stoned Show to The 2nd Annual Royalty Valentines Day Semi Formal at the Portuguese American Civic Club in Taunton, Ma., and what an event that was. The place was at capacity, and the folks came out dressed to impress. I'm talking to "the nines". The sounds of glasses being toasted throughout the night, especially at the end of the night. I ask the true believers, do love songs incite violence? I only ask this because at the end of the night during a toast, no not that kind. A young lady was toasted unceremoniously with a beverage of some sort to the back, to which a brawl for it all begins and the song that sparked the fuse? End of the Road by Boys II Men. Was one of the women letting her counter part know that this was it in our friendship? Who knows? Anyway, EarlNino agrees in the same fashion. This man who has been a friend of the show for many years has a unique performance style. He is well respected in the local music community. He has been referred to as The Jugglenaut and to others as the juggle nut. Just kidding Mr. Nino.
I guess what I'm getting at hip hop believers, is that if we are to expect more people at out show's we have to give them something worth coming to see.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Running Up feat. Rae Trilogy and Dj Clashious Clay.wmv

Breaking News!!!

True hip hop believers, what in the hell is going on with music today? Maybe I'm just showing my age, or better yet, maybe im just showing my preference. Maybe I have gotten comfortable with a certain style of rhythms and drum patterns. Maybe I connect better with a certain styles of rhyme cadences better than others. Let me step back and reflect on what i just said. I think its a bit of it all. Everyone has a hip hop comfort zone. I think as a community we have a right to discuss with an open mind today's music. Some of it in my opinion sucks out loud, but the hater in me is saying, am I hating or is it really the worst track i have ever heard. Some folks aren't comfortable with someone taking shots at their favorite M.C., Others, like myself welcome the conversation. One thing is for certain, artists who work hard on their craft have a more defined sound. I do believe producers have to take responsibility for a lot of the garbage that's out there. Loads of producers try and copy the " hot " track that's out and and the sound becomes like a whirlpool of sewage and winds up drowning itself . In walk the pioneers of the new sound. It happens like leap year, once every four years. The best way to avoid getting caught in that whirlwind of wackness, listen to "underground" music and stay away from the radio. The best music is unknown. Search out local to regions of the world for different local artists and musicians. Its great to always hear new music and you get to learn about different cultures and styles. Plus you would be amazed at the talent that is out there. I may joke about some music and say it sucks, but the truth is, Its just my opinion to take or to leave. A great man once said " opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. A special shout out to the Order66 Dj Crew who will be appearing in Taunton Ma. this Friday night. Break a needle fellas, we here at The Stoned Show support local music to the fullest. True hip hop believers, I am your humble servant. Thank you for reading our blog.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Stoned Show presents Dj Night&Day Vol 2

The long awaited soft more release of Dj Night&Day's Volume 2 has arrived. Hot off the press. True hip hop believers this record is a testament to what the Dj is all about. A fusion of heavy beats and clever loops and cuts as well as some guest appearances from some up and coming rappers. Dj Night&Day's first release saw the birth of rappers like Sincere of The Unknowns and Keno of Straight Cash. This Dj's studio has been the launching pad for a hand full of north shore MC's. One third of the infamous Order66 Dj Crew, Dj Night&Day has released this album for free to fans all over the world wide web. Please listen and enjoy.
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Monday, February 7, 2011

The Stoned Show tips ..

For any one who would like to have 1 to 10 pieces of vinyl produced instead of hundreds or thousands produced, this company has the answer.

Friday, February 4, 2011

DrankandDank: Singapore Kane Q & A

DrankandDank: Singapore Kane Q & A: "We recently caught up with Boston rapper Singapore Kane via an e-mail q & a. The Jamaican born M.C. has been garnering a underground bu..."

Defrock - How The Shoe Fits

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dj Earl ("Silk-E-Nino") Nino is on the move...

One of the founding members of Order66 has sent an open invitation to peep's from every nation to to come out to the 2nd Annual Royalty Valentines Day Semi Formal at the Portuguese American Civic Club 175 School St Taunton, Ma. Now that you have the address, who's spinning the mess? Dj Silk-E-Nino. Know to many as Earl P, or some may know him as Pistol Packin Earl P, or Kobu, or Earl Nino, but no matter the name the result is the same Silk-E will be laying the tracks to help you loosen your slacks. Can you dig it? He will be playing the tunes to have you drinking on Boones. I'm saying he'll be playing the songs, to help you get along. If you got a request, he will give it his best. Ladies and gentle men, i have been witness to the marvel of the decks in a, what some would call a raw setting and this man is a beast. His nickname with in the dj crew is Organix because his style was said to be organic with the way he would choose his cuts, or in the middle of a juggling routine he would almost blackout and become one with the tables. I don't know about you true music believers, but to me that makes for the seasonings for an amazing night of music coupled with the Valentine spirit. I will be wearing something classy, maybe a tuxedo and clean up a bit. Ask my wife to trip the light fantastic. I am sure there will be a raffle, there always is. The good folks who coordinate Royalty events know how to throw a party. Word on the street Silk-E-Nino could be bringing a few of his Order friends to join in on the festivities. As you all are aware the Order is Silk-E, Night&Day and Clashious, and there have been talks of two new members, so we are not sure who the special guest or guests will be. I haven't been to a gala event such as this since my prom, and that dj was not too fresh if you catch my drift.
Folks a class act event run by class act people, come on down and shell a few duckets, freshen up throw on something spiffy and come listen to Dj Silk-E-Nino tear the mutha grabbing house down and wile doing that help out a worthy cause.
So come out to the 2nd Annual Royalty Valentines Day Semi Formal at the Portuguese American Civic Club 175 School St Taunton, Ma.