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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Clashious Clay Exclusive !!

First off, let me be clear. I love M-Dot and the entire EMS camp and in no way does what I am about to say reflect on them.
Fuck " The Bar Room at 5 Broad st in Boston Mass. If you are black or into hip hop or reggae music they don't want you there unless you are security or buying drinks and leaving. The venue is racist and you can quote me on that.
The night began with Dj Night&Day and myself going to the venue at 8 sharp to set up for the 9 o'clock show. The first words out of the club managers mouth was " you guys can't just come in at 8 or 8:30 to set up". To which I replied its 8 not 8:30 and why not, there's nobody here. No help from this guy just salt. That was Red Flag number 1. As the night progressed, I was doing my usual thing, spinning fresh hip hop music. About an hour and a half to 2 hours later I was approached by a woman who asked me if i had any top 40 music. To which i replied, I don't spin top 40, I spin hip hop. She said the owner isn't going to be happy with her if he comes in and there is no top 40 music playing. I replied, sorry to hear that but it isn't my problem. This conversation goes back and fourth for about 15 minutes. The club manager comes over and asks, whats the problem? She explains the situation to him. He turns to me and asks me whats my problem? No problem here, I don't spin top 40, that's all. She steps in and says I have music on my phone, plug it in to your computer and copy them. I told her no. To which the club manager asks me to step in the back so he can talk to me in private. He proceeds to explain that if I play hip hop music, it attracts a "certain crowd" and we are not a hip hop club. We don't want that type of "crowd" in here. We try and keep it out with dress codes. I replied, I am a hip hop Dj and there is a hip hop show here tonight, there are going to be hip hop fans expecting to hear hip hop music. He says the hip hop show doesn't start until 1am, and that he understands there will be hip hop fans here tonight but he would also like "white people and asian people in the club too, not just "hip hop people". At this point i am disgusted with this establishment. Excluding "white people and asian people", who are these "hip hop people" he is so carefully not mentioning the nationality of. Red flags number 2,3,4,5 and 6 at his point. I cut the conversation by saying, I will play some dance music just to get out of this racist back room. I get back to my tables to where i find this woman standing next to my computer with her phone and usb cable. I plug it in take her songs and copy them to my computer. Play the first track and its a ring tone. "Not that one" she say's. I play the next track, "that's a ring tone too" she say's. At that point i delete her folder from my computer. I told her I have dance music. About an hour later another woman comes over to my tables with an ipod. "Can you play ( insert shitty song here)? I said no. A bit later in the night i am getting complaints about there being no hip hop music by fans of M-Dot and EMS. Keeping in mind top 40, I proceed to play "touch it" by busta rhymes. The first woman comes back and asks me "did you run out of top 40 music? Brings her laptop this time and asks me to spin songs from her computer. To which I replied no, but you can. She asks me, "whats your problem?" I told her, I am playing this venue as a favor to my good friend M-Dot, I wasn't hired by the club or you or the racist club manager. If what i am playing is not welcome then neither am I. At that point i unplugged everything i brought to the club and told her the good thing about working for free is that you don't have to take shit from anyone.
If you are a hip hop person or someone who is fair minded, trust me on this. The Bar Room at 5 Broad st in Boston Mass does not want you there.
Later i apologized to Dot about leaving unceremoniously, to which he apologized to me about the bullshit circumstances. He told me when i had left the manager was post threatening my well being. Not to my face, when i was far away from the club. To my face he danced around the race topic like pro. He even shook my hand.

Fuck "The Bar Room".

Dj Clashious Clay

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