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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Back in Effect!!

Back in effect indeed. Its been a wile since our last post, but we here at the The Stoned Show have been going through some changes along with some new developments. One of the Stoned Show's closest friends is on his feet and doing well. It was scary for a wile, but he went and had some bionic surgery and now he's stronger than ever. Akrobatik, we love you but now you've gone too far. Some would argue that to try and budge Ak-zilla before was impossible. Enter Bionic-Ak. Unless your secretly part of the X-Men your chances to try on the shoes of this gentle giant has gone from slim to none. From this day fourth Akrobatik shall be reffered to on The Stoned Show as Akrobotik!! (unless Akro call us and say's "hey guys , knock that shit off")
In other new's, Donald ("I have a great relationship with the black's")Trump is not running any longer. Apparently his senses caught up with him. There's really no one in the Republican party that isn't a side show at the moment. We predict Obama 2012.
Friday night's @ Milly's Tavern in Manchester NH is still the funkiest time you can have with your clothes on. Dj Clashious Clay of the Order66 Dj Crew is holding the night down. Although there has been some rumors that he is starting a new Dj Crew that's geared towards battling. We caught us with Clashious and asked him about the rumors about the new dj crew. He confirmed the speculation and stated, "there needs to be fight club in regards to hip hop battles. I enjoy being a Dj and just want the opportunity to battle as a way of sharpening my weapon of choice."
We will keep you up to date with the latest in this and other developments.

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