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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Breaking News!!!

True hip hop believers, what in the hell is going on with music today? Maybe I'm just showing my age, or better yet, maybe im just showing my preference. Maybe I have gotten comfortable with a certain style of rhythms and drum patterns. Maybe I connect better with a certain styles of rhyme cadences better than others. Let me step back and reflect on what i just said. I think its a bit of it all. Everyone has a hip hop comfort zone. I think as a community we have a right to discuss with an open mind today's music. Some of it in my opinion sucks out loud, but the hater in me is saying, am I hating or is it really the worst track i have ever heard. Some folks aren't comfortable with someone taking shots at their favorite M.C., Others, like myself welcome the conversation. One thing is for certain, artists who work hard on their craft have a more defined sound. I do believe producers have to take responsibility for a lot of the garbage that's out there. Loads of producers try and copy the " hot " track that's out and and the sound becomes like a whirlpool of sewage and winds up drowning itself . In walk the pioneers of the new sound. It happens like leap year, once every four years. The best way to avoid getting caught in that whirlwind of wackness, listen to "underground" music and stay away from the radio. The best music is unknown. Search out local to regions of the world for different local artists and musicians. Its great to always hear new music and you get to learn about different cultures and styles. Plus you would be amazed at the talent that is out there. I may joke about some music and say it sucks, but the truth is, Its just my opinion to take or to leave. A great man once said " opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. A special shout out to the Order66 Dj Crew who will be appearing in Taunton Ma. this Friday night. Break a needle fellas, we here at The Stoned Show support local music to the fullest. True hip hop believers, I am your humble servant. Thank you for reading our blog.


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