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Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Live Show??

Let me get something off my chest true hip hop believers, the worst thing in my opinion about live shows is that they are pretty much all the same. I ask anyone whats the difference in going to a show in Vegas or L.A. is ???? They give you more of a show. Instead of just an M.C. at a rap event, there's an M.C., a Dj, some Breakers and someone selling graffiti art. Its the carnival of show's rather than the side show. By the way, I am not putting any promoters down because 7 out of 10 times, its not their fault. In the east coast weather accounts for a lot of empty seats in the house as well. The artist in charge of their own set has to take on the task of making it worth the peeps time who have come out to see a live event. So when i see cats going above and beyond in their performance, it makes me feel like i have spent my money wisely. It has always been me belief that your performance is your business card. What better way to present your product or brand than with a live performance. Give the folks something extra, not just a form of hip hop karaoke. I spoke with a good friend of The Stoned Show, M.C./Dj Def Rock. We had a brief discussion about this very topic. Keep in mind the folks out there who don't know who Def Rock is. He is a legitimate pioneer of Massachusetts. Founder of the EMC3 Crew back on the early 80's and not to mention a pioneer of Mass Graffiti as well. This cat has a hip hop history that spans over 25 years doing live shows. So when he gives us his opinion its greeted with open ears. We both agree that live shows have to be your all or not worth doing, a sentiment shared by the majority of show goers near and far. Another friend of the show Dj EarlNino had invited The Stoned Show to The 2nd Annual Royalty Valentines Day Semi Formal at the Portuguese American Civic Club in Taunton, Ma., and what an event that was. The place was at capacity, and the folks came out dressed to impress. I'm talking to "the nines". The sounds of glasses being toasted throughout the night, especially at the end of the night. I ask the true believers, do love songs incite violence? I only ask this because at the end of the night during a toast, no not that kind. A young lady was toasted unceremoniously with a beverage of some sort to the back, to which a brawl for it all begins and the song that sparked the fuse? End of the Road by Boys II Men. Was one of the women letting her counter part know that this was it in our friendship? Who knows? Anyway, EarlNino agrees in the same fashion. This man who has been a friend of the show for many years has a unique performance style. He is well respected in the local music community. He has been referred to as The Jugglenaut and to others as the juggle nut. Just kidding Mr. Nino.
I guess what I'm getting at hip hop believers, is that if we are to expect more people at out show's we have to give them something worth coming to see.


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