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Friday, February 18, 2011

A Session with Def Rock and Odrer66

True hip hop believers, I have had the distinct pleasure of being a fly on the wall when hip hop happened. The day began with me at home on my hip hop scanner when the grape vine produced a impromptu meeting with Clashious Clay and Def Rock. I got word they were having a session at the Situation Room ( Clay's Studio in Lowell Ma). Shortly after Night&Day arrived and the three began to put in work. A wise man once said " there's no school like the old school" and friends, i could not agree more. I think we can all vibe on the fact the freestyle rap is an art form.
Some artist's are good at free styling and others just plain suck at it. We here at The Stoned Show have seen all kinds of free styling. The kind created to intimidate an opponent, when the rapper gets way too close and purposely getting flecks of spit on you. The kind where the rapper " Bogart's" the mic during sessions where 16 bars is the pass point and they haven't come up with something worth listening too, so they ramble on for 30 to 40 bars of complete garbage. The kind when the rapper is a good writer but the freestyle department is weak and they end up filling their bars with the same phrase over and over like "on the mic" or "I'm coming thru like" and "so you know what it is". Who could forget the rapper who when ever the mic comes around the talk about "fuckin bitches" and "how big it is" in a room full of dudes. Last of all the freestyle that's not really a freestyle. I can say from a well versed standing point that Def Rock is in a separate category all together. Its real metaphors, similes and rhymes if heard by the freshest rapper they might utter the words "I wish I had said that". Pure Def! Def Rock that is. It helps if you had your hip hop start in the early 80's killing freestyle's at block parties and and sponsored events. The EMC3 Crew was the premier rap group throughout the 1980's. Seen in this photo from left to right, M.C. Def Rock, M.C. Frost B, Beat-box Cool Will and on the lower left and right M.C. Steve Nyce and Dj Jerry Jay. Growing up in Mill City had its ups and downs and The EMC3 Crew made life in the Ill Mill worth living. Still performing and and still representing Mass to the fullest Def Rock is the CEO if Defenderprize Promotions. Bringing in national acts to Massachusetts for all of our hip hop believers to to enjoy. Look for Def Rock performing with his son Dj Miles at the next Defenderprize promotion Attack of the Killer Classics featuring Just Ice next month in New Hampshire. Details coming soon.

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