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Sunday, July 1, 2012

SUMMER MADNESS 2 | Return Of The Legends : The Warm Up

This should be a great event. Ed Lover, this one's for you, C'mon Son. Murda Mook vs Iron Solomon, T-Rex vs Aye-Verb, E Ness vs DNA, Serius Jones vs Charlie Clips, Calicoe vs Loaded Lux. August 19 2012 Webster Hall New York. I'm excited about the line up. My only hope is that all of the artists come prepared. We will try and send someone down to NY to cover he action or face the possibility of waiting month's and several more month's before URLTV post's the battles. It's good to see hip hop all grown up. Just moved out and got it's own place. It's also good to see the peaceful competition's continue. These lad's are out to hurt each other emotionally and to push all kinds of buttons. You can't have thin skin if you plan to win in this war of words. My hat's off to all of the competitor's as well as battle rapper's from all the battle leagues. It should be an amazing event. From the Wax Museum, yours faithfully O.Freeman

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