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Friday, July 6, 2012

What's Good Wednesdays!!

What!?!? What's Good Wednesdays is going to be crazy. Finally, something to do with my Wednesdays other than go down to the local watering hole. Manchester New Hampshire is not far from Boston at all for some good shit to groove out too. Dj Clashious Clay and Dj Akrobatik? I did not know Akrobatik was a Dj. I thought he was an M.C./Pro Am Football Player. I love Hip Hop in case you missed it. Two cat's steeped in Boston Hip Hop music from the gate team up to put on a showcase of history through a world class sound system. Milly's Tavern has been around for quite some time and has a great relationship with the live music scene and the scene is growing. I will be there with a few friends. I know good Hip Hop is in the building when you see a name like Akrobatik on the bill and Clashious Clay is no slouch. The weekend had finally come early. What's Good Wednesdays is the new jump off! O.Freeman

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