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Friday, January 28, 2011

Hot Fire Alert!!

"To never know Straight Cash is to never know me", says lead rapper Keno in one of his opening verses. True believers, your humble corespondent has people that know people and he has acquired a V.I.P. pass to spread the news about Straight Cash. They just wrapped up a week long tour in Wakefield Mass after dropping their freshmen release, Long Time Comin'.
The Stoned Show gives the release of their album a big thumbs up. We had spoken with Dj Clashious Clay with regards to this project. Although he was not a featured artist on this project, he played a role behind the scenes in getting this album off of the ground. I believe a major portion of this project was recorded at The Wax Museum. A classic album that has a loyal following. They came in droves. The last venue they had booked was filled to capacity, and they promoted the tour via word of mouth only. No radio or television spots to help promote. That's the mark of a quality album. Straight Cash presents Long Time Comin'.


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