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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Stoned Show's Album Review of 'Clash of the Titan

After listening to the album again and again, over and over, in this reporters honest summation on the latest of Dj Clashious Clays projects... I thought the album could be judged in two way's. From an artist and from a fan. From the fans perspective, i gave Clash if the Titan a 6 out of 10, not for originality because the album is definitely original. I gave it a 6 for not being polished. Its true, all of the albums I choose to purchase today are polished to perfection. They have been run through compressors, possessors and effects modules so many times, hell' anyone can sell it. On Clash of the Titan, over half of the tracks are done in one take. I mean when he hits record whatever happens on that track in that time period is however fresh or wack' is going to be on the album. I don't know if Clashious Clay is aware of the concept of tracks and layering and fine tuning a song until it sounds like every other song out there on the radio. Who does he think he is? One take per song? Its like being in the studio with him for an exclusive jam session. Wait a Stoned Show minute! That must have been his plan all along. To give the average listener something else to choose from. On one hand professionally engineered tracks that took thousands of dollars to produce and on the other a brand of freshly baked goodness and the best part is that the Clash of the Titan album is completely free.
Cudo's Dj Clashious Clay for giving this reporter insight and a new perspective on the creativity that goes into making music and creating a sound no matter how harsh the criticism.
The second way in which to judge this album is as an artist. Hold tight true hip hop believers. I have listened to music ever since i could hear. In all of my years have never heard a dj mix audio books in any tracks. Especially a book like The Art of War. Yes and yes again this album has grown on this reporter. The tracks where Mal Moe and Clashious Clay team up and form Home Team, were fresh as hell! Props to ReSurch on the track "Fake Records". That track and that m.c. together was smash-to-piece theater! The artist in me gives this breath of fresh air an 8 out of 10. True believers, I am pleased with my review, and i hope you the fans will give it an open ear. You won't be disappointed.
I recommend this piece of listening pleasure to all of my true believers who quest for something different.

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