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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dusto Bunny!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to announce to the hip hop true believers that Kaiju Big Battel will be in Philadelphia this coming weekend. That's good news for the fans but bad for the city streets. This reporter knows how dangerous it is covering a Kaiju Big Battel event. The last time that happened a building fell on my Dictaphone. "Side note, I never thought i would ever say that. " Folks, this will be a monumental occasion. Lucky for the fans of Kaiju Big Battle, we got the inside scoop and we know beyond the shadow of a doubt, Dusto Bunny will be in attendance. A member of the Hero faction of Kaiju, as you are aware there are but four slices that make up that colossal confectionery concoction. Rouges, Team Space Bug, and Dr. Cube's Posse make up the remainder of that relentless recipe of ruin.
You can count on us to bring to you the event and cover it with complete detail. We will also have an exclusive interview with Dusto Bunny's trainer.


  1. Dusto Bunny is my favorite hero!

  2. That bunny is a hell of a hero!