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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Order66 - The Freshest Cut Record Ever

Every great Dj needs an infallible record. An indestructible piece of vinyl that has the ability to demolish other dj's at the drop of a needle . Order66 presents The Freshest Cut Record Ever. Dj's Night&Day, EarlNino and Clashious Clay have put together a masterpiece with hidden treasures and untold powers. It has all the bells and whistles of conventional break records as well as their own personal tools of the trade. Digitally mastered then brought back to the studio to have the digitally remastered, just to say they have been remastered. This trigger happy trio really has their finger on the pulse in the cutting and scratching world of wax handlers.
Download and share this piece or keep it for yourself. A treat for all Dj's to share in and challenge their disc jock cohorts in a spirited game of who's the freshest Dj on planet earth. The Freshest Cut Record Ever has that certain quality of cut selection that Dj's who roll in the finest of circles ask for in their cut records of choice. Custom made and tailored to the Order's specifications, this record has what all other records in this genre lack. Freshness ..
Download it for free and feedback your views.

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